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Introduced in 1998, Yahoo's service has languished in recent years as new chat apps have drawn buzz.(To be fair, an informal poll at my office shows that Yahoo Messenger still has fervent users.) Now Yahoo is hoping the service can make a comeback.

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Regardless of the turbulences, Yahoo has released an all new and improved Yahoo Messenger Desktop App.

The new app dons a changed standard logo and a few things on the feature front.

However, all this stuff adds a lot of weight to the Yahoo!

You may know Snapchat, Whats App and Google's Gchat. It's the venerable chat service from the bygone era of buddy lists and screen names, much like AOL's Instant Messenger.

The Sunnyvale, California, company released a revamped version of the chat service's app on Thursday.

It's available on the Web, in Yahoo's email service, on Apple i Phones and on smartphones powered by Google's Android mobile software. Does it do anything you can't already do with one of its rivals?

Earlier this week, news reports citing anonymous sources said that Yahoo is weighing a selloff of its entire Web products and advertising business, presumably because they're beyond saving.

Then, along comes a major product revamp -- about a year in the making.

Take a look at few of the mainstream features the app brings forth: Say it with GIFs People want to express their emotions and opinions in most creative ways possible, and GIF is an interactive way to confer your feelings.

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