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I originally wrote these instructions while I worked for a web hosting company.They made things “better” by updating the server we used to connect and refusing to install perl modules that many support tools needed.I figured out how to get said tools working for me.

updating cpan-81

The CPAN's main purpose is to help programmers locate modules and programs not included in the Perl standard distribution. There is no formal bug tracking system, but there is a third-party bug tracking system that CPAN designated as the suggested official method of reporting issues with modules.

Continuous development on modules is rare; many are abandoned by their authors, or go years between new versions being released.

Sometimes a maintainer will be appointed to an abandoned module.

They can release new versions of the module, and accept patches from the community to the module as their time permits.

Active State (the company) wants to sell prepackaged DVDs that have Active Perl and half a dozen other development tools on them, but the interpreter itself is a free download.

I've never personally used Strawberry Perl, but I've heard some good things about it.

Perl 5.10 brings a lot of new features to the Perl programming language. This page will tell you how to upgrade to Perl 5.10.

I've always had a lot of luck using Active Perl on Windows, and you can get version 5.10 from their site.

If you have not modified the supplied templates and localisation files the update can be carried out by: .

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