For more information, see Implementation of Next Gen CM/ECF - COMPLETE.

The information on this page and the FAQ pages will be updated regularly, so stay tuned.

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Use of the CM/ECF system is voluntary for all pro se parties proceeding without counsel.

To register for the 9th Circuit CM/ECF system, start here.

Once you have installed the software on your computer, updating the Astro 220 Handheld is pretty easy.

The GPS software in the Astro handheld is maintained separately from the main unit software.

The additional updates section is where GPS software updates are located, and we recommend you check for these updates when you update your handheld main unit software.

Updating the software in your DC 40, DC 30, or DC 20 is a little more involved, but not difficult. Press the DOG button to pull up the Dog Tracker Screen.

One of the things that has been changing on a pretty regular basis is the Astro Software.

The Garmin engineers make improvements in the software all the time.

To request an exemption, send a completed CM/ECF Exemption Form (PDF) to the Court.

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