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Facebook may not be able to squash Snapchat, but by copying its best features, it could become good enough that more users aren’t tempted to shift to sharing with the competitor.

Facebook will begin by testing these features in Ireland today.

But company tells me “We may test more variations of these before rolling this out globally”, so these will come to everyone eventually.

Facebook is overhauling its in-app camera to embrace the next era of augmented reality visual communication pioneered by Snapchat.

The new features include Snapchat-style animated selfie masks, overlaid graphics, and geofilters; Prisma-esque fine art-themed style transfer filters; and some innovative new “reactive” filters that respond to your body’s movements.

The movie begins with Elizabeth logging into a webcam-based social media site known as The Den.

It is revealed that she is doing this for a project and her goal is to chat with as many strangers as possible.You leap from high places, huck yourself off jumps and dive into the depths of the ocean, all with your Go Pro as co-pilot.You even hand your camera to a toddler, a teenager and sometimes an animal. If you live in the US*, you can add Go Pro care to any camera within 60 days of purchase for under 0.Lastly, sonic algorithms have been produced that analyze recorded speech for both tone and word content. The visual detection market is expanding tremendously.It was recently estimated that the global advanced facial recognition market will grow from .77 Billion in 2015 to .19 Billion in 2020.With facial emotion detection, algorithms detect faces within a photo or video, and sense micro expressions by analyzing the relationship between points on the face, based on curated databases compiled in academic environments.

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