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You’ll also see information further below on categories of service offered in Oklahoma, and within each category you’ll find the individual services within that category.The most common category of service in Oklahoma – based on the likelihood of each program to offer all the services within a category – is "emergency services", while the least common category of service is "community educational services".

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Second Step (Grades K-5)Committee for Children 2815 Second Avenue, Suite 400Seattle, Washington 98121(800) [email protected] Dates (Grades 8-9)Hazelden Publishing15251 Pleasant Valley Road P. Box 11Center City, MN 55012-0176(800) [email protected] Respect (Grades 6-12)Safe Place P. Box 19454Austin, Texas 78760(512) [email protected] Violence Curriculum (Grades 9-12)Break the Cycle Hazelden Publishing15251 Pleasant Valley Road P. Box 11Center City, MN 55012-0176(800) [email protected] are many reliable web sites with teen dating violence prevention information and resources.

A list of helpful resources for parents, students, and staff has been provided in the web sites below.

There are few programs that have been proven to prevent first-time perpetration or victimization of sexual violence.

Programs that do show promise focus on healthy relationships education of youth 10-24 years of age and bystander intervention strategies for persons of all ages.

The two most common individual services within any category of service in Oklahoma are "safety planning and domestic violence education" while the two least common services are "onsite schooling and pet therapy". The third most common language after English and Spanish is Vietnamese at 3% of the organizations.

Demographically, the organizations are mostly like to be equipped to serve Women .

In Oklahoma, the rate of rape and attempted rape among females reported to law enforcement has been 35-45% higher than the U. Preventing sexual assault before it occurs is also a priority.

The Injury Prevention Service collaborates with the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and the Oklahoma Sexual Violence Prevention Advisory Committee to promote sexual violence prevention throughout the state.

Each contractor uses the State Assessment and Comprehensive Plan for Sexual Violence Prevention in Oklahoma for 2010-2015 as their guidance.

Use the interactive map below to learn more about prevention efforts in your community, how you can become involved and how you can contact a Sexual Violence Prevention Educator in your area.

The Oklahoma Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Project is administered by the Rape Prevention and Education Program Contractors.

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