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School lawyers Rhonda Porter and Christina Henagen-Peer see if parents can identify apps they consider dangerous for kids because of predators and cyber-bullying.

Yik Yak, a chat app, is one of the ones they raise alarms about.

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Description: ECN Chat Services are run on the new IRCWx software which is a revision of the IRCX protocol.

Our chat services are state of the art and support web chat, or you can use your very own script to connect to the network and chat with friends and others around the globe.

Some of the main areas Ofcom presides over are licensing, research, codes and policies, complaints, competition and protecting the radio spectrum from abuse (e.g. The regulator was initially established by the Office of Communications Act 2002 and received its full authority from the Communications Act 2003.

The creation of Ofcom was announced in the Queen's Speech to the UK Parliament, in June 2001.1) Cybersex Addiction; addiction to adult chat rooms or cyber-­porn.2) Cyber-Relationship Addiction; online friendships made in chat rooms, social networking sites, or newsgroups that replace real‐life friends and family, this also includes the issue of cyber-affairs.Ofcom has wide-ranging powers across the television, radio, telecoms and postal sectors.It has a statutory duty to represent the interests of citizens and consumers by promoting competition and protecting the public from harmful or offensive material.Porter, a lawyer for the Akron school district said the constant flare-ups of bullying, threats and unwanted messages from potential predators are "eye-opening." She said district officials are constantly intervening, even putting up "cyber-fences" around schools to block unwanted messages to kids.

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