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Whether the relationships were eventually salvaged or dissolved, one thing always stood out to me as the factor making the real difference: connection.The types and degrees of interpersonal connections that can exist within a relationship vary.

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It certainly governed much of my life until I learned how to heal it.

I learned to heal it when I learned how to connect with my spiritual Guidance - my higher mind that can see the truth of who I am.

When you feel seen, understood, valued and cherished? When most people first meet, they allow each other to see only certain parts of themselves, but they often hide the deeper parts of themselves. Because they fear being rejected for who they really are.

This is what initially draws two people together and leads to falling in love. They fear being rejected for who they really are because they think there is something wrong with them.

If you hope to develop healthy physical relationships, read on.

Since every physical act sends a message—even a punch speaks volumes—we must consider what our actions will “say” before we act.

As long as you are afraid of what you will learn, you will stay stuck with your core shame.

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The extent to which these connections deepen and mature over time is likely to have a big bearing on the level of fulfillment the parties experience within the relationship.

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