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Two or three other men, who had problems with my political beliefs took up the issue and started maligning me in a different forum.

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A two year old video of Pakistani actor Saba Qamar bashing Indian actors on a chat show has resurfaced on the internet.

In the clip from the show Good Morning Zindagi, she is taking jabs at Salman Khan, Emraan Hashmi, Riteish Deshmukh and Hrithik Roshan among others.

Finally, Salman Khan is turned down for being ‘chichora’ (cheap) and not knowing how to dance. Hum Bollywood nahi hain (We should never be inspired by Indians.

The only actor she could not reject was Ranbir Kapoor. But on insistence by the host, she finally turned him down because he had a ‘chakkar’ with Deepika Padukone. A few days ago, an old video of Pakistani actor Mahira Khan bad-mouthing Bollywood also resurfaced. We are not Bollywood),” she had said to Pakistani comedian Omar Sharif on a chat show in 2011.

Singh is in news for facing a kind of sexual harassment that almost all women with social media accounts encounter. On 6 June, Singh received a comment on a picture she uploaded on her Facebook page. Else, get off my page."In any case, Singh's "hitting back" was limited to a Facebook response.

However, unlike most of us, she decided to hit back at the abuser. One MD Mustakim Saifi wrote, "Nice looking & nice boobs'. She didn't go to the police, or try to bring her harasser to justice.

In a particular segment of the video, which was posted on You Tube in May 2015, host Noor Bukhari shows pictures of a few Bollywood actors and asks Saba to reject hypothetical film offers with each of them, while giving a reason.

Hrithik Roshan is shown first, who is rejected by Saba for being a father of two.

She lodged this complaint at her local police station in Kolkata.

The local police, evidently confused, suggested such complaints should be filed with the cyber crime cell.

Adhikary, who like us, is a part of several Facebook groups based on shared cultural and political interests, took on a person who was posting unflattering comments about the third sex.

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