Ole schell and sara ziff still dating

, which premieres after the close of New York Fashion Week tomorrow. Ziff and the other models who appear in the film worked on some of the biggest campaigns in fashion: Marc Jacobs, Stella Mc Cartney, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. It was a big party on Avenue Montaigne, and there were a lot of people. Soon after I felt really sick and had to run for the door. On one shoot, a notoriously sleazy photographer I was invited to a Christian Dior party in Paris, and I got drugged there.

Ole schell and sara ziff still dating

I thought, "Oh my gosh, John Galliano is going to see me." It was a small bar, really crowded and the line was like ten miles long. I ran out into Avenue Montaigne and cars were coming at me, but all I could see were flashing lights.

I just knew I needed to get into a cab and out of there. After the shoot is finished, I'm rushed to the hospital and the other model was already there being treated for burns.

Mostly we see her reactions to things that happen in her career but as time goes by this becomes more of a true documentary about conditions in the world of modeling.

We see the pressure Ziff comes under to stay thin, eventually competing with girls much younger (as in 12, 13, 14).

With her co-director Ole Schell, Ziff chronicled her modeling journey in the award-winning documentary Picture Me.

She is a filmmaker and fashion model known for her "All-American" looks.

This documentary takes you into the hectic, and not always glamorous look at the life of a model.

With the excitement comes a huge amount of stress and exhaustion.

Ole Schell and Sara Ziff, with the help of many others, showed all sides of this lifestyle.

From the early morning calls, to the many deadlines, to the huge amount of time spent on planes, and the large sum on the checks, all the way to the meltdowns from sheer tiredness and pressure, I learned quite a bit more than I knew before. I do recommend it highly for those interested in becoming a model, and for those just curious like myself.

Luckily someone who was working the door pulled me onto the sidewalk. My roommate in Italy was date raped at a party and she would have to see this guy out all the time. Maybe you don't ever want anyone to know that you got date raped. Then the photographer was shooting and he's using a UV flash, and it burned the first six layers of the whites of my eyes. For three hours I worked on that shoot while the girl who went before me was being treated in the hospital.

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