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"Girls remained mysteriously attracted to me," he writes (as reported by ) "and I had no idea why, since although each fumbling foray hit the target, nothing electrifying took place, and I turned a thousand corners without caring …

Far more exciting were the array of stylish racing bikes that my father would bring home." In a 1986 interview with Morrissey explained that the gender ambiguity in the subjects of his song lyrics for the Smiths was intentional.

Morrissey wrote: 'Jake and I fell together in deep collusion whereby the thorough and personal could be the only possible way and we ate up each minute of the day.

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Morrissey, 54, also talks about his strong attachment to Iranian-born friend Tina Dehghani, whom he met while living in Los Angeles, saying of her: 'Tina is my first experience of uncluttered commitment.'As readers might expect from one of rock's great lyricists, Morrissey paints a vivid picture of his early years, with discussions of the merits of the TV shows he remembered as a child.

And his writing is as scabrous as the interviews he has given over the past three decades.

, which was released by Penguin Classics earlier this week, the former Smiths frontman disclosed that he was in his mid-thirties before he entered his first serious relationship.

The singer, known for his reticence regarding his personal life and his one-time identification as celibate, wrote that when he met Jake Owen Walters, "for the first time in my life the eternal ' I' becomes 'we,' as, finally, I can get on with someone," as reports.

As we sit down in the bar at his hotel overlooking the sea, he chats happily about his recent move back to Manchester after five years living in Portland, Oregon; his occasional forays into teaching (in 2007 he was given an honorary degree at Salford University, since when he has been a visiting professor) and the joys of good health (this morning the teetotal, vegan Marr went for a six-mile run).

He orders a cup of hot water and then pulls a large, transparent bag of herbal tea from his pocket – "I'm very particular about tea," he smiles – and we both chuckle at how dodgy it looks.

As the band's frontman, Morrissey attracted attention both for his witty and sardonic lyrics and his idiosyncratic appearance; deliberately avoiding rock machismo, he cultivated the aesthetic of a social outsider who eschewed drugs and embraced celibacy.

He was also noted for his unusual baritone vocal style (though he sometimes uses falsetto), The Smiths released five further albums – including the critically acclaimed Meat is Murder and The Queen is Dead – and had a string of hit singles.

And he rails against the decision to increase the share of profits afforded to bandmates Joyce and Rourke, which was upheld on appeal.

He is particularly venomous about Joyce's extensive legal claims on his royalties claiming he 'grabs all he can", taking '£3 million - or thereabouts' of Morrissey's royalties under a later Smiths deal with Warner Records, which the singer called "a farce of unimaginable proportions'.

See Where Morrissey Lands on Our List of the 100 Greatest Singers "Jake and I neither sought not needed company other than our own for the whirlwind stretch to come," he writes.

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