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"We grew up in a place where they always sing in the morning and during the night, on the beach, watching stars, tinkling birds, sailing on canoes, and stuff like that," said Elias. Their connection to Milan dates back to the 1980s when a local banker, Erik Thompson, served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Micronesia.

Thompson befriended Elias' uncle, who visited Minnesota and later settled here with his wife, five children and nephew.

And, as has been tradition for over a century, Christmas carols will be sung in Norwegian at the local Lutheran church.

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Micronesian people sex on cam

The influence of Norwegian settlers is unmistakable in Milan, a town of 280 people 140 miles west of the Twin Cities.

You can get lutefisk TV dinners and rosemaling is visible on a few buildings on the main street.

It is also home to, what I believe, is the greatest diving in the world.

The most unique feature of Palau however, doesn’t require any SCUBA gear to experience: the jellyfish lake.

The survey, The World's Fattest Countries, by the Forbes organisation, shatters the romantic image of slim-hipped island maidens and muscular warriors, presenting instead a picture of a paradise lost.

A traditional diet of fish, vegetables and coconuts has been replaced by tinned meat, junk food, high-fat snacks and notorious "mutton flaps", fatty off-cuts from sheep which islanders relish when fried.Islanders who once criss-crossed the world's largest ocean are now barely able to fit into their canoes, let alone paddle them vast distances.A new survey has found that of the top 10 most corpulent countries on the planet, eight are in the South Pacific, including holiday destinations such as Samoa and the Cook Islands.It's a long way from a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to landlocked Chippewa County in central Minnesota.But dozens of people from Micronesia have made the transition over the past 10 years and changed the character of the town of Milan.These Pacific Island nations almost always line up behind Israel when the U. Or is there another reason for this political support?

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