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Vancouver-based Coyote, the author of nine other titles, was busy as an in-demand spoken-word performer and writer-in-residence at Western University in London, Ontario.

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For the past two years Spoon and Coyote have toured the show to receptive crowds throughout North America and the U. “It’s turned out to be a room-changer,” Spoon says over the phone from Montreal, just ahead of bringing the project to Canada’s East Coast.

“We’ve changed the audiences who have come out to it, and the warm reception made us realize it was resonating.” The positive feedback inspired the duo to extend the performance by another 45 minutes and tackle a book adaptation.

in 2012, it was as a 45-minute live multimedia performance of stories and songs about being trans and living outside the gender binary.

“A real room-clearer of a show,” writes Coyote, quoting Spoon in their new collaborative book, also called , published in May by Arsenal Pulp Press.

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Discussing David Jay’s relationship with increasingly decentralized ace/aro communities is pretty much the last thing I want to do, but there a “receipt” post going around Tumblr about him incorporating the “f-slur” into the name of an LGBTQ sort of student organization years ago, and the same organization categorically including people who practice BDSM, and some of the notes on it gave me the impression this needed clearing up.

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