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Additionally, California requires that drug testing is justified in only very limited and strictly defined circumstances.

My employer wants me to undergo a drug test and requires that someone watch me while I urinate. Certain states, like as California, have said that while it is legal to give drug tests to any incoming employees, there must be cause to test current employees.

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Based on his work, the university chose not to introduce mandatory testing. I contend that the incidence of drug use among those selected for Reasonable Cause Testing would be high—and that this can lower the NDU misclassification rate by an order of magnitude relative to the rate in a Mandatory Testing regime.

The Supreme Court decision has its origins with Perley Day, a member of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, Local 30, and an employee of Irving Pulp and Paper Limited.

return to top of document QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: DRUG TESTING IN THE WORKPLACE Drug testing allows employers to intrude upon the private lives of their employees.

The “right to be left alone” is, in the words of the late Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, “the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men.” Both the actual taking of urine samples and the analysis of the sample, which may disclose private information, violate this right to be left alone.

Perhaps the largest legal, social, and economic issue in the workplace is the use of drugs and alcohol.

The public policy of favoring alcohol and drug-free workplaces has been viewed by some as the most intrusive invasion of employee privacy rights to date.In 2006, Irving unilaterally adopted a drug-testing policy in which 10% of employees in “safety sensitive” positions would be tested for drug and alcohol use each year.Day, a teetotaler since 1979, was tested for alcohol, and his breathalyzer test indicated a blood alcohol level of zero.I’ll argue that, relative to a policy of mandatory testing, a policy of reasonable cause testing lowers the misclassification rate of NDUs substantially. Feinstein’s 1990 article “Deciding Whether to Test Student Athletes for Drug Use.” Feinstein analyzed whether a university ought to adopt a mandatory drug-testing policy for its student athletes.In his work, Feinstein explained how an accurate test employed on a population characterized by low incidence of drug use could lead to NDU misclassification rates that are unacceptably high.To learn more about drug testing and the workplace, read below: 1. Due to the rapidly changing nature of this area of law, and the differences between states, it is best to seek advice from an attorney in your area if you have questions or concerns.

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