I will use intimidating shout

Ace, and Roy Mustang I have to agree with Voice_Box to be honest. But Harvey Dent (Batman: Telltale), although sticking closely to said typecasts, voice-wise, does have a lot of emotional range that I never thought he could do.

Some casting directors really don't take advantage of what he can really do. I'm the Flame Alchemist, and I'm gonna be Fuhrer My beats are hot, and my rhymes are purer! & Gaslowe (Horoes of the Storm) doesn't have a hint of barrel-chested baritone in [email protected] Nah, it was more the general list of faves. Most of this site seems to be either fans of Western stuff or dubs.

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Some were very hard to deal with, but I was fortunate that I had mostly good ones to look after me.

As I moved into sales and marketing, I noticed that bosses were particularly more inclined to build a good rapport with the sales guys.

Jack Weatherford asserts that it comes from the Mongolian Hurree; used by Mongol armies, and spread throughout the world during the Mongol Empire of the 13th century, By looking at the poetry and writings of the late 1700's you see words like say, play, and day which are used to rhyme with Huzza. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, three 'huzzahs' were given by British infantry before a bayonet charge, as a way of building morale and intimidating the enemy.

In the song "Keppel Forever" we get this: "Bonfires, bells did ring; Keppel was all the ding, Music did play; Windows with candles in, for all to honor him: People aloud did sing, “Keppel! ”" In Shakespeare's Henry IV, written around 1591, Act III, Scene III the last line is: All: Huzza! The book Redcoat: The British Soldier in the Age of Horse and Musket by military historian Richard Holmes indicates that this was given as two short 'huzzahs', followed by a third sustained one as the charge was carried out....

Like his work as Ace, and his work in Awakening and Fates shows just how much range the guy really has IMO. I like the ladies in the miniskirts I'll be posin' in the mirror without my fancy shirts! Most of the fans of anime here seem to like dubs to a decent [email protected] Yeah, I definitely don't want to perpetuate that sort of thing, & I do see my comment is reminiscent of the user that got banned.

The man is capable of SO MUCH MORE, if only casting directors took the opportunity to experiment a bit.

For example, while attacking to their enemies, they (Turks) used to shout 'Ur Ah!

My years of experience working for a financial company have led me to face many types of bosses.

In July and August of that year, experimental training began in earnest with the Army's creation of a small unit called the Parachute Test Platoon.

This group of 50 handpicked volunteers not only trained under tough standards of discipline, they actually developed the paratrooper-training techniques that would serve as the basis for the parachute units that would follow.

*beatboxing*Hearing him in the Marineford Arc of One Piece has reinforced my opinion of how absurdly talented of an actor Travis is.

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