I am dating a jehovah witness

“I am alarmed by the decision of Russia’s Supreme Court to recognise the Jehovah’s Witnesses as ‘extremists’,” the Foreign Office minister added.

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For all you folks 'down under': Hear Paul's honest presentation of his life as a JW trying to please Jehovah and finding freedom and grace in Jesus Christ.

You can email Paul at - Hear Brians impromptu personal testimony from the Witnesses Now For Jesus Convention.

Another, called Donna, was allegedly molested by a man in her congregation when she was a young girl, but did not tell anyone because she knew nothing would be done.

It is claimed Donna was then abused physically and emotionally throughout 14 years of marriage and when she went to the church elders for support she was told it was her fault and should be a better wife.

Her journey to freedom ended when she heard that Jesus loved her and died for her.

E-mail Arlene at [email protected] "From Works to Worship" Heart-warming testimony from the Witnesses Now For Jesus Convention.

The British Government says it is “alarmed” by Russia’s ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses and has launched an appeal for Vladimir Putin to uphold religious freedom.

Baroness Anelay said a ruling by the Russian Supreme Court “effectively criminalises the peaceful worship of 175,000 Russian citizens" and contravenes rights enshrined in the country’s own constitution.

He had delivered this creed to them when he visited Corinth in AD 51.

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