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And as I'm waddling towards her, I say, in this kind of creepy voice, "Oh, no, I can't believe you're here today." And then, at that moment, as I say "today," she comes into focus. The only thing I could do was, in fact, apologize and then end all contact with her forever, right there. If cringing is basically shrinking from something dangerous or painful, what could be more potentially dangerous and painful than love? Well, I did this."And while I'm generalizing, let me also say that as far as I can tell, the most common cringe love story is the kind that takes place in your early 20s with a guy not that much older. You don't quite know who you are yet when it comes to love because you're still becoming that person. He spare-changes on the corner to take them out for ice cream. Every relationship that doesn't work out has some problem that can't be solved. And looking back, it's not just the problem that makes you cringe. And he'd turned my bookshelf into a shrine to Swami Prabhupada. But no one says anything boring, like 'she's beautiful.'" And I just thought, who would write love letters like this? I think once we get to a certain age, so many things have happened in our lives that make us cringe, that it is no longer a box.

And I realize, in fact, it's not at all the young girl who I thought it was. Nancy Updike has this report on the characteristics and bylaws of cringe love. That's because cringe love stories are usually embarrassing. And everything these early 20s cringe love stories have to teach us, we can learn from a woman from Texas named Julie. The reason is that Julie's boyfriend was a squatter. For years, in cities all over the country, people have been taking over abandoned buildings and living in them, squatting. And they fall in love during an AIDS outreach workshop. And every week, they go to Prasadam to get a free vegetarian meal from the Hare Krishnas. And he said he thought he'd like to go to classes in the morning. It's how long the relationship continued after this problem could not have been more clear, not only to you, but also to all your friends. And all of this was a secret from all of my friends. She's reciting these lines from the postcard from memory. It's like a whole room full of boxes, any one of which makes us cringe.

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