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Bridal Veil Falls is a 600-foot-tall waterfall nestled in the southern end of Provo Canyon.

Easily reached by car, the mulch-tiered falls are visible from US Route 189.

Strapping on the bindings, then letting the boards run.“Laughing, charging down the mountain, and hitting every little bump and rise with more excitement than usual: other dates really can’t compete with that. As long as both are well dressed on a sunny day, even in 0 degree weather with the sunlight reflecting back, it can actually be t-shirt weather.” “Building an igloo is a great idea for a date for many reasons: spending time outdoors in the fresh winter air, being able to work on something together while having conversation, and don’t forget about the spontaneous snowball fights.

That sort of connection lasts a lifetime; sharing those moments with someone you are dating makes the connection that much stronger. We went through a Mc Donald’s drive-thru on one of our rides. Later on warming up with hot cocoa and a bonfire beside the igloo that you and your date (or group date) built is a bonding experience. But that is why having a group date works so well for this activity.“To build the igloo map out a circle in the snow.

The falls have a rich history due to their association with an aerial tramway that was constructed in 1961.

The tram was once lauded as the "world's steepest tramway," but an avalanche destroyed the machinery in 1996.

At first blush, or in this case, snowflake, winter can pose a challenge to the Utah dating scene.

Dinner and the theater is a beloved classic staple, but Utahns like to go above and beyond when it comes to spending time with that special someone, particularly when it involves hot chocolate and a crackling fire to set the mood.

The best way to see Bridal Veil Falls is going to Bridal Veil Falls State Park.

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