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One thing it says is "Don't take it personally." In the media interviews I've done since the book was released, the most common question is: HOW DO YOU NOT TAKE REJECTION PERSONALLY????When you have a history, as I do, of being abandoned and rejected early, the sting stays with you for the rest of your life.

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The play festival needs a play that’s 15 minutes, and yours is 25.

The band wants someone who wants to go on tour, and you don’t like to travel. One literary agent doesn’t like your novel at all and another agent thinks it’s the best book she’s read in years.

Or if you feel the need to take a really deep dive into this then I recommend a book called “Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway” by Dr. Once you learn to embrace rejection, you can begin to use it to your advantage. You can watch the NBA and read all about basketball.

So there you are at the deli counter getting a ham sandwich, when that person you’re attracted to comes and stands next to you at the counter to order a turkey sandwich. They almost look right through you like you don’t exist.

Maybe someone even flat out criticizes you and calls your work super boring.

Getting Back Out There ("GBOT") talks about rejection (one of the 5 R's).

Others thought things were good and the partner went poof. While some critics and reviewers have thought there was TOO MUCH of me in my book, others take comfort in the fact that I'm not just a talking head with a degree and a roster of clients... For the most part, in my books and on my blog, I speak only of things I have experienced and worked through first hand.

So when I say in GBOT, "Don't take rejection personally." I am NOT in any way shape or form being flippant.

When I was younger I gravitated toward men who would reject and abandon me and treat me badly.

That is what I knew and that is what I was comfortable with. Changing self image and rejection takes a lot of hard work, affirmations and positive self-talk (as both GPYB and GBOT lay out in detail.) But putting it to work when you're dating is where the rubber meets the road.

When I was in middle school, I auditioned for three years in a row before I finally made it into the ballet. I could enter a playwriting contest I only halfway want to participate in and still feel disappointed when I wasn’t selected. When I gave this idea more consideration, though, I realized that artists don’t actually get rejected any more than non-artists.

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