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(born January 24, 1974) is an American actor, comedian, and singer.

He is known for his work as a correspondent on The Daily Show as well as playing Andy Bernard in the U. version of The Office and Stuart Price in The Hangover trilogy.

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Indeed the roots of the craft go so far back that, at least where timber is present, the use of wood exists as a universal in human culture as both a means to create or enhance tools and as a medium for artistry.

The North American Indian carves his wooden fish-hook or his pipe stem just as the Polynesian works patterns on his paddle. To carve a figure in wood may be not only more difficult but also less satisfactory than sculpting with marble, owing to the tendency of wood to crack, to be damaged by insects, or to suffer from changes in the atmosphere.

Helms concurrently worked as a trainee film editor at Crew Cuts, a post-production facility in New York City.

While doing so, he recorded some rough voiceover scratch tracks that eventually led to paying voiceover work, which in turn led to finding a talent agent.

This makes his nationality American and his ethnicity is white.

The names of his parents are John Helms and Pamela Parker. As a successful actor, he has got a jaw-dropping net worth of million.The modern Colour prejudice against gold and other tints is perhaps because painted work has been vulgarized.The arrangement of a proper and harmonious scheme of colour is not the work of the house painter, but of the specially trained artist.He has not revealed anything on his girlfriend or the person he is dating, in case he is not married. Talking about his appearance, he is an extremely tall man as he has a height of 6 feet, which is around 1.83 meters.(2011, on his worst hangover) For me it's less about the physical effects than the remorse.In ancient work the surface may not have been of such consequence, for figures as a rule being painted for protection and especially color.

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