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How does the issue of respect relate to our romantic relationships, and how can we build and preserve it?

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Jonathan attended a conservative Christian college where he felt the call of God on his life to become a minister.

Q: Our 14-year-old daughter is asking us about dating, and my husband and I have told her she'll have to wait until she's 16 for maturity reasons. Juli: Dating is one of those parenting issues that every family seems to approach differently. It's great to get to know the opposite gender and it's OK to like someone.

is designed to help families and influence the culture — all flowing out of a heart for spiritual transformation thru trust in Christ for every life. A licensed psychologist and marriage, family, and child counselor, he was an associate clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Southern California for 14 years. from the University of Southern California, he's authored more than 30 books, including his most recent bestseller, Bringing Up Girls. Dobson has also been heavily involved in governmental activities related to the family.

He invested 17 years on the attending staff of Children's Hospital Los Angeles in the Division of Child Development and Medical Genetics. He was elected in 2008 to the National Radio Hall of Fame. Dobson is married to Shirley, the father of two grown children, Danae and Ryan, and the grandfather of Lincoln and Luci.

Encourage her to develop healthy friendships with many peers -- guys and gals -- rather than focusing her attention on one individual.

Your daughter may still not be satisfied with that approach, and that's OK.

He memorized this passage from Hebrews and countless other passages of Scripture.

He was determined that he would not have sex before marriage and prayed each day for the Holy Spirit to help him avoid sinful thoughts of trying to get any woman to have sex with him before marriage.

My friend Heidi once said, “The difference between the wrong man and the right man is like the difference between the darkest night and the brightest day.” On the journey to finding lasting love, one of the most important things I’ve learned is that it’s important to know what you want—and don’t want—in a man (or woman) to date.

Think about the kind of people you’ve picked in the past? And, what do you want to be different in your next relationship?

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