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Walk to the car parking across the street to find the tour waiting.Admire the stunning architecture of Turkman Gate and make your way into bustling Chawri Bazaar.If you and your loved ones love theatre, this is the place to be. Wet N Wild Wet N Wild is the first water park in India.

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Here we explore the best things to do and see in the area.

Before the bazaars, stalls and dining establishments sprouted around Connaught Place, the area was all about cinemas.

It harbors ‘Nautanki Mahal’, ‘Culture Gully’ and Showshaa Theatre.

The hi-tech ‘Nautanki Mahal’ is the auditorium which can accommodate 800 people while the Culture Gully shows exotic arts and crafts.

Looking for a way to spend the day or evening with your sweetheart?

If you’re wondering where the most romantic destinations in Gurgaon are, we have listed them for you. Whether you have an adventurous or an art lover, or a foodie, fret not!

You can also enjoy multi-cuisine and delicious hotshots here. To keep the rich history alive, these art are well-preserved in museums and art centers. Enjoy the hot water springs and take blessings from Lord Shiva by visiting popular Shiva Temple.

If you have aesthetic taste, Museum of Folk and Tribal Art is a great place to explore. One of the best romantic destinations in Gurgaon for young professionals. Leisure Valley Park The famous Leisure Valley Park is situated right in the heart of Gurgaon.

This personalized tour experience will give you a taste of famous Delhi street food, Indian culture and our rich heritage.

Get ready to be enthralled with this colourful trip through beautiful-narrow lanes of Delhi.

We have listed down the best cafes (in terms of food, ambiance and cost) in the 5 metropolitans of India. Candies, Pali Hill: While we agree that Candies is a fun place to hang out with friends, it is also a good place to take your date. It’s not too mushy, yet has something romantic about it!

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