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Note that they both wear identical tunics as well as blouses. Tis portrait is undated, but was presumably made in the late-1850s.

The ambrotype was a less expensive alternative to the daguerreotype.

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To fund this newly acquired habit I would scour our New York City neighborhood with my red wagon and collect discarded furniture, glassware, artwork, and textiles, which I sold on the weekends at the 26th Street Flea Market in Manhattan.

I used the profits to subsidize my photograph collecting and purchased photographs each week from other dealers at the flea market who routinely saved images for me beneath their tables; I was the photograph boy.

I soon learned to identify daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes (ferrotype, melainotype, melanotype), cartes de visite (carte-de-visite, CDV, Cd V), cabinet cards, cyanotypes, and real-photo postcards (and drove my family crazy with frequent testing).

Though there are other types of photographs, these are the examples most frequently encountered in the antique trade.

This chronology consequently, is variable and by no means all-inclusive." By repeating what we see in each photograph you will develop a sense of what to look for.

You will start to recognize what is the same and the differences of each decade as they overlap and drop off completely.

If you would like to learn more about the process, or even try it yourself, see the book Primitive Photography: A Guide to Making Cameras, Lenses, and Calotypes by Alan Greene.

CABINET CARD Cabinet Cards are a card mounted photograph introduced in 1866, and tremendously popular, especially in the U.

A variation of the "wet collodin" was the ambrotype.

The ambrotype is an underexposed wet-collodin negative on glass.

S., from its introduction until just after the turn of the century.

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