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Lastly, a best practice section concludes the main part of this document.Most sections contain a Q & A section that answers common questions regarding the specific feature or area covered by the section.You can bind a Data Table to the control so the user can easily add/delete/modify data in a database. Products) End Sub By default, the automatically generated columns may need some tweaking.

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Row Index = 0 Then Dim Checked As Boolean = False If Type Of Me. Column Index) Is Data Grid View Check Box Column Then 'avoid erros Checked = Me.

Column Index, Checked) End If End Sub End Class I came up with a slightly different solution.

MSDN links: How to: Extend the Functionality of a Dataset How to: Extend the Functionality of a Table Adapter Validating Data in Datasets Walkthrough: Adding Validation to a Dataset Walkthrough: Handling Errors that Occur During Data Entry in the Windows Forms Data Grid View Control The following tutorials are for ASP. Creating a Data Access Layer Creating a Business Logic Layer These concentrate on extending the Table Adapters.

The second link creates an entirely new BLL (Business Logic Layer) to sit between the Presentation and Data Access Layers.

This new layer provides wrappers for all of the Table Adapter methods, and then adds business-logic to these wrapper-methods.

So data-access is achieved entirely through the BLL rather than the underlying DAL.Note that some questions are duplicated in multiple sections based upon the section relevancy.The question and answers with code samples/snippets are contained in this documents only appendix to make for a one-stop shop of code. The Data Grid View control is the new grid control for Windows Froms 2.0.It replaces the Data Grid control with an easy to use and extremely customizable grid that supports many of the features that are needed for our customers.I am taking (exploring) a different approach by extending the Data Set and Data Tables, and adding business logic in this layer (the partial classes).

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