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Panelists in the discussion that will follow are Prof.

Meron Medzini, Department of Asian Studies Tel Aviv University, and Dr.

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According to Jerusalem deputy mayor Ofer Berkovitch, bringing in so many offices would create thousands of job slots in the capital. Untold numbers of people working in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv don’t live in these cities but commute.

Binyamina in the north is known as a bedroom community and the vast majority of its residents also commute to work in places elsewhere in the country.

Now, postal management says it needs more time than originally anticipated to make the operational changes that precede the closures.

“The Postal Service will initially focus on stabilizing the operating window changes that will occur in all plants beginning today, Jan. Postal customers will, in many cases, see their mail delivered more slowly when the consolidations are completed, with overnight delivery reduced the most dramatically.

(RMPO) is a Post Office that offers part-time window service hours, is staffed by a Postal Service employee at the direction of a postmaster, and reports to an Administrative Post Office.

Unless otherwise specified, all references to “Post Office” include RMPOs.The Postal Service began consolidating its nationwide infrastructure of processing facilities in 2012, and shuttered 141 plants in the first phase of its “network rationalization” plan.The second phase was originally set to begin in 2014, but was delayed to 2015 as USPS awaited the possibility of more sweeping reform from Congress.Provides for the phaseout of door delivery in favor of centralized or curbside delivery, with a waiver allowing door delivery in cases of physical hardship or physical safety risks.Requires USPS, by not later than September 30, 2022, to convert not less than 30 million of the door delivery points existing on December 31, 2012, to centralized or curbside delivery.Requires USPS, in carrying out conversions to centralized or curbside delivery, to establish procedures to: (1) solicit, consider, and respond to input from the general public, postal patrons, state and local governments, local associations, and property owners; (2) calculate and make publicly accessible the cost and savings of the conversion to USPS, postal patrons, and state and local governments; and (3) place centralized delivery points in locations that maximize delivery efficiency, ease of use for postal patrons, and respect for private property rights.

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