Benesova melzer dating

But Jurgen Melzer and his wife Iveta Benesova Melzer are proof that love can indeed flourish on the tennis court.

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Martina Hingis Talks Fear of Failure, Media Struggles and Tunnel Vision After speaking with both of them separately, it was clear these two are still in the honeymoon stage.

Both sat beaming when asked to discuss their spouse. Iveta, 31, says her husband has speedy crisis management skills and checks his ego at the door.

Melzer and the 29-year-old Benesova are both on Twitter and sometimes they like to share their affection on the social networking site.

Four months ago Melzer thanked his girlfriend for the 31st birthday breakfast she made him.

Above is the screenshot of his tweet and the photo of the breakfast. And thank you, Frank Lambert, for telling me about the wedding!

This is a nice addition to our series “WTA Players and their Boyfriends/Husbands”.

At that Wimbledon Melzer and Benesova experienced great bonding by winning their first mixed doubles title.

It has also led some (perhaps just us) to wonder how much romance and lust there is in the tennis locker room, so we did a little digging to get an insight into the behind-the-scenes goings on in the ATP and WTA tours.

Before Benesova, Melzer was dating Austrian swimmer Mirna Jukic, a retired 2008 Beijing Olympics bronze medalist.

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