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Also, one more important thing is that you might have seen that I am passing a put Extra to Service class as Extra("receiver", result Receiver); where result Receiver is the instance of My Result Receiver class that extends Result Receiver.

We will get the put Extra in the Service class and use the same instance to send data from Service to Activity using send public class My Service extends Service So, simply we are getting the put Extra of Result Receiver's instance using result Receiver = Parcelable Extra("receiver"); inside on Start Command() to use it further for sending the data to Activity.

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if you call on Attach(Context context) constructor it will just set default locale of your device as the default locale of your application.

if you call on Attach(Context context, String default Language) constructor it will set the given language as the default language of your application for the first time that your application opens.

It is having an overrided method on Receive Result(int result Code, Bundle result Data) with parameters result Code and Bundle.

These two parameters we will pass from the Service class using send(result Code, Bundle result Data) on Receive Result(int result Code, Bundle result Data) where we can update the UI.

To do that I will outline the details of changing the language of your application programmatically on the fly.

There are some difficulties which you have to overcome to change the language programmatically. You just have to initialize locale on your application’s main class. After the recent changes in Android API Version 24(Nougat) we need to override attach Base Context to reflect changes.

A style can specify attributes such as height, padding, font color, font size, background color, and much more.

A style is defined in an XML resource that is separate from the XML that specifies the layout.

For example, style attributes for a theme can hide the app title, hide the status bar, or change the window's background.

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